Rongda Company mainly sells, designs, and develops: wear-resistant welding wire, wear-resistant plate, welded steel plate, corrosion-resistant material, high-temperature-resistant material, high-strength steel plate; the product is used in cement industry, roller press, vertical mill, powder selection Wear-resistant parts of the host equipment such as machine, breaker, crusher, plate feeder, etc.: Power plant industry: coal unloader, coal mill, slag remover, bucket turbine, coal transportation system, etc. wear-resistant, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant Accessories; high-strength plates for buckets, blades, and car bodies such as mine excavators, forklifts, and mine cars; rail plates for coal unloaders at port terminals, bucket buckets for bucket turbines, silo liners for coal transportation equipment, funnel liners, Chain plate, scraper scraper, coal falling pipe, guard plate, etc.; glass industry crusher liner, mixer bottom plate, etc. Products cover cement manufacturing, thermal power generation, iron and steel manufacturing, mining, papermaking, coal industry, waste incineration, glass manufacturing, strengthened car body plants, construction machinery and other fields that require wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. In order to improve the service life of workpieces, reduce equipment wear, and make great contributions to solve customer production costs.